How long will the sessions take?
This somewhat depends upon the training session, but in general, 45-60 minutes for most gym-based training sessions. Some endurance and stamina sessions can last up to 2 hours. Some “mini events” in selection and other programs can last several hours.

Should I work as fast as I can through circuits?
This is a common question for our strength sessions and our guidance is to work briskly, not frantically. For example,

6 Rounds:

  • 5x Front Squat – increase load each round until 5x is hard but doable, then immediately …
  • 2x Squat Jumps
  • Hip Flexor Stretch

The goal here is to move as much weight as possible on the front squat – but still get all the reps. The hip flexor stretch at the end of the circuit is a “working rest” to allow you to recover, then hopefully add more weight, and hit it again.

Sometimes, however, we do prescribe you work through a work capacity circuit “for time” – or as fast as possible. This will be clearly indicated.

What does “Increase weight each round until Hard but Doable” mean in your strength circuits?
In general, we want you to get as heavy as fast as possible – while still making the prescribed reps – and use that load for as many rounds as possible. The reps should be clean, smooth and technically proficient. For example:

6 Rounds

  • 5x Bench Press – increase load each round until 5x is hard, but doable
  • Rope Climb
  • Lat + Pec Stretch

Sample Bench Press Loading for an athlete with a 225# 1RM
Round  Load
1             115#
2             135#
3             165#
4-6         195#

What about Stretching?
Each session includes mobility and other durability drills. No additional stretching is prescribed.

What if I miss a day?
If you miss a day, make up the session you missed the next day and follow the programming as prescribed. Don’t skip ahead or jump around.

Why are there sometimes 2 numbers for an exercise?
5/7x Push-ups, for example, is 5x for women, 7x for men. The first number is women’s rep count, second is men’s. Same for loading – for example, 5x Scotty Bobs @ 15/25# means women use 15# dumbbells and men use 25# dumbbells.

How do I count Step-ups?
50x Step-ups is 50x total, 25x each leg.

How do I count Sandbag Getups?
50x Sandbag Getups = 50x total. Ideally, 25x each shoulder.

How do I count unilateral exercises like lunges and kettlebell floor press?
5x Lunges = 5x each leg, or 10 total. Same method for all unilateral strength exercises.

How do I find my 1RM (1 Rep Max)?
4-5 Sets, working up in loading to find your 1RM. This is not an absolute 1RM.... you should be able to complete the rep with good form. The 1RM should be clean, smooth, and technically proficient.

Unfamiliar exercises?
Please visit our Exercises page for video explanations/demonstrations. Also check our our Common Mistakes video series to ensure correct form. 

What about supplements?
We are not big proponents of supplements. If you decide to take supplements, all we can endorse is a recovery whey protein shake after training.

What about Diet?
6 days a week – Eat only meat, nuts, vegetables, cheese, and non-tropical fruit. Drink only water, coffee, tea (non-calories). Do not eat rice, grain, bread, oats, pasta, sugar. Do not drink calories – including alcohol.